Thursday, 14 January 2016

For Sale; Dragon Master and Dragon

Got the following up for grabs:


I've got the following model For Sale. Unpainted Vintage Citadel Dragon Master & Dragon

It's going for £40 GBP which I think is a fair price and considerably less than what it would go for on eBay.

Please Note: The dragon comes with rider etc but not the cavalry model nor steed in the first picture.

Buyer Pays Postage.

I don't mind selling overseas under the understanding that the buyer pays for International Signed For and takes the risk of it being lost in the post. I will keep a copy of the Proof of Posting receipt from the Post Office which I can send via e-mail as soon as the package is in the post.

Paypal as a 'gift' only please.

If you're interested please PM me here or you can e-mail me at:

Here's the pics:

From Solegends:

My pics:

Close Ups:

Image of drawing of model when constructed: 


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