Thursday, 11 June 2020

Burgundian Ordonnance 'Archers' Pike

I've decided upon an army for next year's Swordpoint Medieval event in Swindon and settled on Burgundian Ordonnance. Hopefully it will perform a little better then Charles the Bold managed with his army against the Swiss!!

The first unit is going to be a unit of Burgundian Archers with the front rank of the unit to be made up of Pikemen and the last three with longbows. The Ordonnance Archers were well trained and drilled to fight in such a formation though whether or not it was actually employed on the battlefields of Grandson, Morat or Nancy is open to debate. Such battles were were often jumbled affairs due to the decisiveness, manoeuvrabilty and swiftness of the Swiss thus not really allowing for Charles's expensive well equipped army to fully deploy as he would have liked.

The Ordinance of 1473 says:

"Furthermore, my lord [the duke] ordains that, in order that the said troops, may be better trained and exercised in the use of arms and better practiced and instructed when something happens, when they are in garrison, or have time and leisure to do this, the captains of the squadrons and the chambres are from time to time to take some of their men-at-arms out in the fields, sometimes partly, sometimes fully armed, to practice charging with the lance, keeping in close formation while charging, how to charge briskly, to defend their ensigns, to withdraw on command, and to rally, each helping the other, when so ordered, and how to withstand a charge. In like manner they are to exercise the archers and their horses, to get them used to dismounting and drawing their bows. They must learn how to attach their horses together by their bridles and make them walk forwards directly behind them, attaching the horses of three archers by their bridles saddle-bow of the page of whose man-at-arms they belong; also to march briskly forwards and to fire without breaking rank. The pikemen must be made to advance in close formation in front of the said archers, kneel at a sign from them, holding their pikes lowered to the level of a horse’s back to that the archers can fire over the said pikemen as if over a wall. Thus, if the pikemen see that the enemy is breaking rank, they will be near enough to charge them in good order according to their instructions."

The First Three:

I will be adding feathered plumes to roughly half the miniatures in the unit to emphasise the fact that these were permanently employed as a professional cadre of Ordonnance Archers. As well as the plumes I have added few heads from the Perry Miniatures WR 60 Light Cavalry box and some heads from the WR 20 Plastic Mercenaries 'European Infantry' box sets and some metal plumes from the EA6 Swiss Heads pack. They have been pinned into place and tidied up with some (nice new) ProCreate putty with a bit of sculpting work thrown in. Bucklers have been added as well to give them the more homogeneous look of professional liveried soldiers.

Next Four Mini's:

There are another five miniatures for the front rank but there was little point in taking any pictures as all I have done is added the bucklers and clued the pikes in place.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Polemarch/Gripping Beast Successors

More finds from the Steam Powered Laptop TM. 

This time we have some of Gripping Beast's Polemarch Successors which were painted up when the range was slowly being put into production.

The sculpts are by Steve Saleh who was the man responsible for many of Wargames Foundry's Ancient ranges such as (some of the ) Imperial Romans, (some ) Gladiators, Persians, (some) Thracians and more famously many of the Macedonian range.

If you're interested in buying a few you can get them through Gripping Beast HERE!

Partizan in the Cloud Today 10:15am 17/05/2020


In in lieu of the Partizan show being cancelled this year due to you know what we have Partizan in the Cloud event being run. A internet version of Partizan and well worth supporting. Link below.


There will be guest appearances in various forms such as running games, trader offers etc all day so tune in and enjoy.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Yet another find on my old (steam powered) laptop which came to life again to reveal these pictures. Speed Painted Perry Miniatures Knights Templar and Hospitaller respectively. To perhaps give you some idea of what I mean by speed painting, if you take the undercoating and varnishing out of the process it took two days to paint two units of twelve! This is without doubt the quickest paint job that I ever undertook!

There was a lot of dry brushing and black washes involved with the Hospitallers and all the horses. I think the only layered paint is on the Templar Robes, fleshy bits and the armours.

I have a future project in mind where I using the Perry Miniature First Crusade range and doing a lot of converting work with the old putty. This will be adding caparisons to roughly half the horses. These will eventually long with their shields portray the early heraldry of individual knights and the military orders. also, a lot of helmet modifications and I'm contemplating buying some of the Footsore Miniatures Anglo Danish kite shields and modifying them slightly. As i say, a project for the future. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Reconquista! Arab Heavy Cavalry

This unit is actually a part of my Italo Norman army as Aghlibid Heavy Cavalry allies. They have seen plenty of action over the years so they will be getting a bit of a makeover and will be re-based so the bases match that of the Islamic forces I have painted up recently.

They are all Artizan Designs and mixed and matched from the Moor range and include a light and Heavy Cavalry mix of Moors and Andalusians.

The banner on the standard bearer below has been repurposed to the Black Guard unit of spearmen so I will be adding something new to the unit. I just hope I have enough LBMS transfers for all the banners!

Battle of Solachon 586 CE, Claymore Wargames show 2008

My old steam powered laptop has been revealing more of the secret stash of pictures today.

Battle of Solachon 586 CE was a display game put on by Myself, Brian Phillips, Jack Glanville and JP in 2008 at Clamore Wargames Show. I was given the task of being commander to my own Justinian Byzantines and Jack's Late Romans (which doubled up nicely as Byzantines), Brian his lovely Sassanids and JP with his Sassanids which were originally painted up beautifully by Phil Olley.

We won something.... There's a trophy so I tempted to say it was for Best Display Game though I might be a little out on that!

Monday, 11 May 2020

Perry miniatures Desert Rats featured in the Salute Perry North Africa Diorama

More pics retrieved from the old steam powered laptop. Boy was it making some very strange noises!

Here we have the Perry Desert Rats which were painted up for their North African diorama for Salute 2013.

The miniatures were painted by me, the rest of this lovely piece was put together by the dynamic duo. Looking at the brushwork again here I think I would have opted to use Vallejo German Cammo Dark Brown instead of the Vallejo Matt Black undercoat. The black undercoat showing through seem to be too stark a contrast with the light uniforms. I will make a mental note of that.