Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Go Forward Together!

A little while ago I asked Michael if he wanted any of the what I was hoping to be 'soon to be released' (and they were) Desert Rats painting up. It turned out that Michael had been planning a diorama for Salute in order to promote the box set, which is now available from Perry Miniatures. As well as the plastic test frames I was to receive a pic or two of the Universal Carrier Mk I that they were to have released in time for Salute. The Desert War in North Africa during WWII has always held a strong fascination for me. Is it because my local regiment the Durham Light Infantry fought there? Was it the fact that my Grandad, whilst in the Navy(!), was caught up in the North African campaign and told me many a tale about it? Was it because I spent many days of my early childhood playing in a Universal Carrier Mk I in the Durham Light Infantry Museum that was actually in combat in North Africa, complete with war damage and no doubt suffering somewhat from 'kiddie playing' damage too? Or was it those old Airfix soft plastic soldiers that I played with for many a moon when a little boy? Probably, the answer is all of the above.

OK, so the miniatures were painted up and on their merry way. I had a feeling that something special was planned but apart from that I knew nothing at all. Boy was I surprised to see the pics that started to filter out onto the net post Salute (we couldn't make it down sadly). I must confess to being a little blown away by the sense of drama and action in the diorama.

The miniatures were all painted by me, the AFV's by Michael Perry, the building is from Grand Manner and the Valentine Tank is from Blitzkrieg Miniatures. The concept and skill in putting together the diorama is all down to Michael Perry.

I hope you enjoy the pics, I'll be adding to them sometime very soon.


  1. Great looking diorama, nice to see good terrain rather than just plain sand.


  2. They certainly looked superb on the stand!

  3. You are a lucky guy being elected to paint Perry figures ahead of their release… ;-)
    Saw this on quite a few photos from Salute, so people seemed to fancy this. And rightly so! A little piece of art, really.

    Cheers, SG

  4. Thanks guys- very kind of you all.



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