Friday, 31 August 2012

A Late Frankish Commander

Ever been late for an important date? Well this guy certainly is!

Before all my health problems began I was sent this miniature by Mindenbrush on the Steve Dean forum as part of a painting swap deal. Then came the two consecutive Cancer scares followed by a very serious bout of Depression and the poor chap was going to have to wait for his mini. so, as the air cleared; I was cleared on both counts of having Cancer and the shock and depression were brought into control, I was finally able to start painting again and get some bloomin' work done. 

For those that have been following my posts of late you will know that no sooner am I ready to dive into my painting refreshed and I lacerate my thumb and am out  for another two weeks!! Well, that's healed now and it is my absolute pleasure to present the Frankish Commander, who, barring any more accidents etc will be on his merry way to Canada in the next couple of days.

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