Friday, 19 June 2015

Chain of Command in 1/48

The set of pictures below are from a game that I wasn't playing but I was very struck by the look of the Scarab Miniatures 1/48 scale WWII troops. Oddly enough I'd never considered doing any WWII skirmish gaming in this scale and have always stuck quite rigidly to 28mm or 1/56. The Scarab range is the one that North Star used to sell quite a while back now and they are brilliantly sculpted. If only there were more choice as I discovered after looking at their website last evening- in this scale you really need to have all the individual miniatures looking well, individual!

Bye for now.


  1. Those GIs are nicely done. Bravo! Are you enjoying playing CoC?

    1. I wasn't actually playing..... it was really just a case of the game really caught my eye with the 1/48 mini's :>)

      I was in the other side of the club playing To the Stongest :>)