Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Byzantine Heavy Kavallaroi in Progress

I had a spare half an hour so decided to take a few shots of the first six, basically the front ranks of a unit of Early Byzantine Heavy Kavallaroi in I have on my painting table in the studio. The horses are complete but remain unvarnished. I learned a lesson when putting together Belisarius' Boukellaroi in that I forgot to make sure the cavalry models actually fitted onto the horses which resulted in a great deal of anguish as I feverishly (but very gently) filed away at the painted and varnished Boukellaroi models until they eventually fit the barded horses. A mistake that I wasn't going to repeat again. So, it was out with the "bastard file" (TM) which I used to file the underside of all of the Kavallaroi models in order for them to fit on all of their mounts. I didn't want to leave anything to chance! This meant trying out each Kavallaroi model on each horse. Worth to avoid a repeat of the heartbreak of having to repaint  and varnish the filed "underbellies" of the Boukellaroi!

I recently bought a very large number of Late Roman models from both Footsore Miniatures Late Roman Range and Gripping Beast Late Roman range in preparation for the The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge which will of course be documented on this blog. My aim with the Early Byzantine Heavy Kavallaroi is to get the unit finished as well as three Infantry Command Bases prior to The Challenge. I will almost certainly complete the former task in time but might fall short of getting the command bases completed simply because of the sheer volume of Late Romans I have to clean up and prepare by December the 20th so I can start slapping on the paint the next day. 

I thought it might be of interest to some to see how my miniatures look roughly half way through the painting process. They looks a bit untidy in places, which is not a worry as my Art College education is a real boon in terms of mixing colours that match the hues already applied to the models. I am lucky in that it's not something that I usually have to spend too much time ruminating on; as colour theory (re; Colour spheres!) were drummed into me at an earlier age.

A word or two on the horses. The tones of the horseflesh are more of less made up and somewhat removed from how they would appear in reality. This is fine by me as I really enjoy painting horses and it would be unusual for me to be unhappy with the results. As long as I can take my time, have a good old mess around mixed with some experimentation, I am good.

As usual all the images are "clickabe". If you have any trouble, just right click, then click on "open image in new tab" and you will open a new page with the full sized image.

The Kavallaroi models are roughly at the halfway stage. It should be pretty clear that I paint from a very flat matt black undercoat on top of a black primer. As mentioned in the above, it should also be somewhat clear that I have an idea of what colours I'm going to apply to where as I paint. 

Sunday, 28 November 2021

Steppe Nomad Full Cantabrian Circle and Single Bases

Back in the groove!

It seems like a very long time since I actually managed to work on any of my own stuff. I've started working on some Heavy Cavalry which will join the Early Byzantine long with another such unit and Belisarius' Boukellaroi.

I finally got around to basing the last six of my Horse Archers which have been sitting in a tray on some bubble wrap for a few months now. A quick dust down and it was out with the filler/spackle, leave over night, glue on the sand (leave overnight again) then basecoat and dry brush. (see Steppe Nomad Horse Archers for the other six).

I have to say that I have been extremely impressed with the exquisite Aventine Miniatures Steppe Nomad cavalry; such attention to detail. Every bit as good as their Early Byzantines and that is really saying something! I look forward to seeing what Keith and Adam do with the remoulding of the range. 

Without further ado, the complete Cantabrian Circle- all those Horse Archers looks kind of awesome and I cannot wait to get it into the table top!

All the images are "clickable" which is advised as they are largish files.

And the single bases:

Base 1:

Base 2:

Base 3:

Base 4:

Base 5:

Base 6:

Monday, 22 November 2021

Wargames Foundry Medieval Civilians

These Wargames Foundry Medieval Civilians (selected from packs MED 220 and MED 221) were sent to me by a sculptor in exchange for some conversion work I asked him to do on some Italian Wars miniatures, of which there will be much more later.

I have to admit that it was a bit of a struggle to get them done. Firstly, for mental health reasons, it was my first time back at the painting table since August 8th of this year which as anyone who practices a craft of any kind will be able to tell you, continual practice is necessary for the best results. Secondly, I for the first time in my life I noticed the "scale creep" that has happened over the years with 28mm miniatures. Most of my painting over the last two years has been with larger 28's such as Gripping Beast. Footsore, Aventine etc and I did find it more difficult to get the details right on the smaller Perry Foundry sculpts. 

Maybe an age thing- more likely an eye sight thing!