Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Arthurian Intelude II! Hengist!

As with the Arthurian Interlude! Merlin! post (seen HERE) I've been painting up the odd mini that I took a fancy to many a year ago but never got around to painting due to other painting commitments. The aim is to eventually build up a warband for the Early Medieval/'Dark Ages' version of Lion Rampant and Dux Britanniorum. I may put together a session of just Arthurian mini's (will be about seven at one time) soon as I work my way slowly through the Hastings stuff.

Without further ado, I present to you Hengist, the almost certainly mythical character and supposed founder of Kent!

Bye for now.


  1. He's great! Love the Gold helmet.

  2. Wonderful work on this guy Darrell!

    1. Thanks Roger- slowly but surely there will be many more coming this way.


  3. A worthy leader for any set of rules. Love the rendition of the famous helmet, as well as the splinted limb armor.