Tuesday, 10 November 2015


As an aside to my Hastings and (emergency) Lion Rampant forces I've been painting the odd old Gripping Beast 'Arthurian' mini to slowly build up a small force that can be used for Lion Rampant, Dux Britaniarum or Saga.

I really adore these old Patten sculpts from Gripping Beast- they have been among my favourite miniatures for years, as long as I can remember in terms of wargaming. They are very evocative of the Sub Roman period in our history and let's face it, they're about the best one can buy. I also love the new Saxon Miniatures Arthurians too which have been crafted my the same sculptor and have the same style as the earlier GB mini's. I'll be buying some soon but at present I'm too wrapped up in the Hastings, Lion Rampant and a 'Secret Project' that it will be a while before I can paint any en masse. Until then I'm happy tomkeep adding the odd one when i havetome to fit them in and as I'm painting up the other miniatures.


Hengist, Horsa and Merlin:

Bye for now.


  1. Fab, love the shield especially

  2. oh lovely and i have some somewhere in the pile waiting to be painted,,,,i just need a new dark age project

    1. I've got another 40-50 Arthurians to go so I know that feeling ;>)

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Gordon- plenty more Arthurians to come :>)


  4. Looks great. The shield design might have to be pinched for my own Saxons...

  5. Splendid job...and outstanding shields!

  6. Oh, that's just lovely. Nice, subtle work on a fantastic figure.