Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas Painting; Truce

This piece was part of the Steve Dean Form Painting Swap where names are drawn from a hat, presently by me, miniatures are then swapped with a partner who paints up the mini for you.

In this event Angel aka ONIRIA, his forum name, wanted me to choose something for him and I decided to go for what I think I remember as a Partizan Freebie, the Christmas Truce Tommy Footballer.

I had him ready on boxing day but I had to allow for glossing and then matting down the latter of which is not an exact science as many a painter will bemoan! 

I've got to admit that I was tempted to paint the base a lighter colour to make the khaki sing out a little but in the end it wouldn't really be fitting as many a British soldier died on the ground represented and it just did not seem like a fitting tribute (of course I do not discount all the other nationalities too!)

Here's the results....

More Christmas Painting Very Soon!


  1. Very fitting indeed! The mud is great, how did you achieve the lifelike effect?

    1. Lots of layers of paint Sander LOL :>)


  2. A very striking miniature beautifully rendered.