Friday, 1 August 2014

New Early Hundred Years War Sculpts from Claymore Castings

Something caught my eye the other day. It was the new sculpts for the Early Hundred Years War (known at the time as the French War) from Claymore Castings! They are sculpted by Matthew Bickley and they really do look great. I have been informed that those pics below are not finished sculpts, there is a little work to do on one of the crossbowmen for example, but they are sharp, crisp and well defined. Nice and dynamic too.

Also, Paul Hicks will be continuing with the Battle of Otterburn range. Of courrse the miniatures from both the Early hundred Years War and the Battle of Otterburn ranges can be used in practically any European conflicts based on their time periods. I'm thinking of using some of the Otterburn range as Teutonics for example.

Overall? Very impressed!

Here's the pics (borrowed from David of Saxon Dog Blog fame- you can of course read more on David's Blog).