Saturday, 30 August 2014

They Arrived!! And I Couldn't help Myself So I......

Made some of them up at 5am this morning!! :>)

They are fab, very little by way of flash if any, small amount of filing to be done and you're ready to undercoat!

What's more, I bought three boxes which combined with the Perry plastic boxes and metals that I already own will last me a very long time and spread all across my Wars of the Roses, Burgundian, Italian League of Venice and (Early) Italian Wars French!! Can't lose really.

The free vignette is a fantastic rendition of a knight arming and reminds me very much of the vignette they did for Foundry many moons ago.

I took some very quick and very bad snaps below but will be taking some good ones with my camera later which I'll post here and on my Gewalthaufen Late 15thC Medieval Blog too.



  1. Mine should be here on Monday, and now I've seen yours I can't wait! Thanks for posting!

    1. They tend to have that effect those Perry Twins don't they :>)


  2. 5am! The postie must come round early, round your neck of the woods ;)

  3. Very nice. I saw these in the Perry newsletter. Planning on adding a box to my Burgundians. Can't wait to see these painted.