Friday, 16 January 2015

European Weapons and Warfare 1618-1648, Eduard Wagner, Re-published by Warlord Games


Re-published by Warlord Games is Eduard Wagner's,  European Wwapons and Warfare 1618-1648, which I believe is a reprint of the book featured below:

This book seems to be packed with brilliant illustrations and would be a 'must have' for anyone new/not so new to the period! I can't say that i've ever read the book but I have sen copy before and it is packed with illustrations and well worth the £25 that Warlord are asking for.

Out of interest a quick look at the Amazon page revealed to me that for folk into other periods, Eduard Wagner is also responsible for writing or co writing the following books:

Swords and Daggers, Eduard Wagner

Medieval Costume, Armour and Weapons, Eduard Wagner, Zoroslava Drobná and Jan Durdík

Cheers for now.

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