Friday, 20 March 2015

Clubbing it!!! IV


Matt and Shaun met with the  conclusion of the Peninsular game Thursday gone so I thought that i'd share the pics of the closing stages of the game.

Birtish Hussars Continue Routing the French Line on the British Right
(They had no right to do so really!)

British Infantry in the Center Remain (More of Less) Intact.

French Last Stand as their Withdrawal from the Field Takes Place

Two French Divisional Commanders Take Stock and Decide it's Time For a Tactical Retreat

And We Chickened Out, And We Buggered Off......

French Don't Make it into Attack Column!

British Center Stands Firm

The Inevitable British Advance

Bye for now.


  1. What a great looking game! Well done, very nice pics and figures!

    1. Yeah, Shaun seemed very excited to have part of his collection on the tabletop and so he should have been- lot's of older type sculpts but they still hold up to modern sculpting and had a really good look to them on the tabletop.