Monday, 15 February 2016

Hastings Demo; Bad News!

It is with a great deal of regret that I've got to announce that the Hastings demo that I had planned for Salute this year is not going to go ahead. The reasons are many but the two foremost are that i/ I've been struggling with a lot of stress for a while now and it basically isn't wise to proceed in terms of health. ii/ I wouldn't be able to get the painting done in time to the standard that I would want to present. It doesn't seem worthwhile to just slap on the paint and spoil a good looking game with shoddy workmanship.

I have to pass on my apologies to the organisers of Salute, to Dave Lancaster and the members of the Lance and Longbow Society et al. It is just not possible to do it this year.

Bye for now.


  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope you are up and at them soon

  2. Regrettable but your health is far more important take care!

  3. The curse of the modern world....I know I am getting stressed when my Wargaming becomes a chore, when really I love it because it helps me relax from other stuff. Take care and do something you enjoy. Catch up sometime.

  4. Fosters is horrid. Work and other factors made me ill a few years ago. I feel for you, best walk away from this for a while.


  5. Sorry to read this, but take care and look after yourself.

  6. You have made the right choice, your health comes first.
    Best wishes,

  7. I've been there, you take care sir.


  8. Thanks for all the kind words guys.

    I'm going to take a change of pace- just take it easy for a while.


  9. Very sorry to hear that Darrell. I think you are quite right to pull out and reduce stress loads- being overcommitted to painting is a particularly bad thing as the lack of sleep as one paints into the night really doesn't help with depression. Chill, instead and enjoy Salute as a punter! Hope to see you there.

  10. Darrell, I'm really sorry to hear the news - but it is completely the right choice in every way. Putting on a game like this is a huge amount of work (Pat, Simon, others reading and commenting know that only so well!). With your very high standards, flogging yourself for the next two months rushing to get ready is just going to spoil the pleasure - far better to take a step back and relax. If you feel like it, and when all the figures are done - maybe give it a go next year, or the year after. Or whenever. Or not at all!

    You're among friends, mate. Just relax and don't feel you've let anyone down. We've all been there with work/life distractions, and you're in good company.

    (Well, actually very dubious company, but you know what I mean! :) )

    1. Thanks Simon/Sidney :>)

      Very much appreciated and you're absolutely right, it should be done for the pleasure of the thing.


  11. Darrell, sorry to hear this, but speaking from many experiences with the demon depression you have done the right thing for yourself. Your health is the priority. I wish you well and you know how to find me if you want to chew the fat

  12. Darrel,

    really sorry to hear that you won't be at Salute but even worse is that your health isn't all it should be. Getting better should be your first priority now!

    For what it is worth, Crisis 2016 theme is Hastings, as after all it was one of the most important battles in Europe, perhaps a third of the so called Normans were in fact Flemish, and William's wife was Mathilda of Flanders. Guess what the freebie figure for Crisis 2016 will be?

    It goes without saying that you would be more than welcome to display your game at Crisis, but even if that would prove logistically impossible, please try to come over!
    Take care Darrel