Thursday, 7 January 2016

Battle of Hastings Demo; Huscarl Base III

Hi, Base III for the Huscarls that will stand in the front ranks of the already completed Ceorls is now finished and ready for your delectation. 

As usual I've deliberately kept the hues toned down and muted. My Art School education was has not been  entirely squandered! This base represents one of the units on the flanks of the guys wielding their Daneaxes as I wanted to focus the attention of the Axe wielding maniacs toward the center of the unit.

There is the usual mix of miniatures, Mostly Gripping Beast (Patten sculpts), but if you look closely you will notice the Foundry casualty, the GB (Soapy sculpt) and there's a Saxon miniatures chap in there wielding his big chopper! 

I've got the command base which depicts Harold fighting in the thick of the action already finished, I'll add pics of it tomorrow before trying to create a background that is big enough to photograph the unit in it's entirety. I'll do one that included the Ceorls in the back tanks too.

Bye for now.


  1. A lovely stand indeed. I completely agree on the muted colours. Far too many day-glo armies about!

    1. Thanks :>)

      Yeah, it's a tried and tested method. I once got shot w=down in flames in a crit. at art college because my painting wasn't colourful. Too may muted tones. Always struck me as strange that they thought this to be a weakness...... maybe they were just having a bad day and I was 'it'! LOL :>)

  2. Another wonderful stand Darrell!

  3. Very nice. I like the variety and sense of movement you have managed to achieve with the composition. On muted colours, seems to me the great thing here is achieving a clean, bright, colourful look with realistic colours - often muted = muddy.

    One question, is there any particular significance to the very distinct two different spear/axe shaft colours? Which paints have you used for these - I particularly like the paler ones?

  4. Really brilliant, Darrell - I think the colours are perfect. I really like the enery you've built into the unit.