Sunday, 3 January 2016

Hastings; Cavalry Base Test

For those that don't know and I figure that will be most of you, the game will be taking place at Salute next year next to the Lance and Longbow Society stand. Indeed, the game is being put on for the Lance and Longbow Society and the 950th Anniversary of the Battle.

I've now got at least 40 cavalry painted for the Norman, Flemish and Breton forces and thought it about time that I had put together a test base to see how they looked. I have decided that for the Heavy Cavalry, all of them really, I will be using 80mm x 60mm bases as this allows for a nice margin for variation in terms of placing the cavalry on the bases. The base size was inspired by The Bodkins last demo game, Berne, Baby Berne! where one of my comrades in arms had done exactly that with stunning results.

If you have any views on the basing or indeed anything that could be done to improve the bases please shout up as I'm very open to anything that will improve them. Don't be shy!!

Without further ado:

Bye for now. 


  1. Hello,
    Superb flowery base !!

  2. Beautiful cavalry and great base!

  3. Thanks gents.... appreciated as always :>)


  4. Looking wonderful. Can't wait to see it all together.

  5. Very nice figures and I like the basing. I wasn't planning to go to Salute this year but I might just make the effort to see them in the plastic/metal.

  6. They look splendid as they are. "Faces, bases and flags" are the trinity of good presentation, and you have 2 of 3 nailed with those figures.