Monday 4 January 2016

Haggis Rampant; Islemen Men at Arms II

These belligerent gentlemen were painted a while ago and have been sat languishing in an old Games Workshop carry case since our last Lion Rampant game and in between those that went before. The reason? I hadn't added any grass tufts! It's amazing but as I'm sure you all know the introduction of 'grass tufts' into the hobby was a bit of a basing revolution. I don't think I've been able to consider a mini as 'finished' for the past few years without it having some sort of amalgamation of tufts gracing the base.

The same is just as true for skirmish types as their cousins on larger multi-bases. Perhaps more so as the mini is a stand alone 'vignette' of sorts and therefore should look every bit as decorated as a multi-bases mini.

There are six Foot Men at Arms and three Fierce Foot who have all been acting as my second unit of Fierce Foot as I've been painting them in batches of nine and well, that's just the way it has turned out thus far! Again, for the Men at Arms I've used a contrived livery as I have yet to see any evidence for the Islemen using a livery in any meaningful sense. I have used this device to homogenise the miniatures in order to create a coherent force and have in the process thrown away the rule book as far as painting Late Medieval miniatures goes. It wasn't easy;my addiction to the history and modelling of Late Medieval warfare as accurately as possible usually wins over!

Foot Men at Arms:

Fierce Foot:

Bye for now.


  1. Is there no stopping you? You're like a mean painting machine! Great work D.

  2. Very nicely done.
    As you say, not properly finished until the bases have been decorated.

  3. Lovely painting.........and tufts !

  4. Very nice. The 'livery' colour scheme is quite subtle but it does the job of bringing them together as a group. I'd have been tempted to make them Isla-men men at arms and picked a whisky label colour scheme, after appropriate research :-)

  5. The Whisskey livery would have been a great idea :>)

    I'd already bought the Can Cameron Heraldic Banner so I'm afreaid there wasn't much room for manoeuvre :>)


  6. That should read Clan Cameron [embarrassed smiley] :>)

  7. You fiend, you've got me eyeing up this era for "just a little project". So many nice minis for it at the moment.


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