Friday, 8 January 2016

Complimentary Copies of Dragon Rampant and En Garde! Arrive

A while ago Dan, author of Glutter of Ravens, Dux Bellorum and Lion " I Befuddle Thee" Rampant contacted me and asked if I'd be happy to paint up something for the forthcoming book, Dragon Rampant. I said I'd be more than to help but secretly held minor insecurities having not painted up a Fantasy type mini in many a year. Well over a decade at any rate.

Mr Postman brought me what can only be described as large scale Beastmen. I'm not sure of the manufacturer, I did do a quick Google but came up with nothing. Anyway, they were (old school) GW size so would take a bit of work. I cannot for the life of me remember how long it took to paint the medium sized blighters up but I opted for a six or seven layer technique on the flesh and other large areas. In the end they didn't get a very large sized picture in the book, which is not a problem at all really. I'll pop a couple of pics of the mini's below.

I also received much to my surprise a copy of En Garde! I haven't had much time to read through either of the books though we did play a Festive Season game of Dragon Rampant at the Durham Club which I have to admit was such a great laugh that it had me pining for all the Fantasy miniatures that I had sold over the years! I've been looking at the Ral Partha Europe website with gluttony in my eye!

So, it's many thanks to Dan, Osprey and all the other play testers and contributors that made the production possible. It was certainly worth it and we will no doubt be playing more games at the club in the near future!

Now, where did I put those Elves!?!?

Bye for now.


  1. Love the war pig. Looks a bit like a bass guitarist. :-)

  2. Nice work. Did they make into the book?

    1. Yeah, there's a tiny pic with other folks work. You have to really look for them but I'm not really that concerned. I really don't mind helping out with stuff like this. LR is a brilliant set and after playing a game of DR over the Christmas holidays and reading the rules yesterday it's a (very humerous) job well done! :>)

    2. My copy arrived today so the first thing I did was look for your and my figures. I'm chuffed to bits my effort is in there. Up against Kevin Dallimore, who ever he is! LOL. Still your hogman is great.

    3. Dallimore..... now that rings a bell.... somewhere in the murk.... LOL :>)