Tuesday, 31 January 2023

More Sub Roman, British and Welsh Kingdom's Skirmishers

Between my main project, the Thematic Byzantines and finding myself having to wait for some Gloss varnish to go off (the requisite week before matting down) I managed to sneak in six British and Welsh Kingdom's Skirmishers for my Arthurian project.

Although a unit of slingers I checked in some javelin and bow types in the unit- we are talking Sub Roman era here and I have serious doubts as to the validity of the village hoi polloi being overly very organised in the production of homologous military units. Anyway, it helps break up the homogeneity of the unit which was my primary concern.

Close Ups- right click to enlarge:

Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Thematic Byzantine, Heavy Tagmata Kavallarioi

It has been in my dreams for years. To put together a Nikephorian/Macedonian Dynasty Byzantine Army. The why etc will become apparent as the story of expeditious hand and brush movements become more apparent. Suffice to say, for now, that it goes back to the early 2000's and the games of Warhammer Ancient Battles we used to play with faithful devotion every week. It was Andrew Eason's Thematic Byzantine army, stunningly and lovingly painted, which drew my eye then and ever since, I have craved such an army. Gripping Beast's Black Friday sale made it an irresistible opportunity!

Here we have what will be the first of four units of Thematic Byzantine, Heavy Tagmata Kavallarioi! Two with barding and two without so I can move with reasonable historical accuracy through 800-1050 CE. 

As many of you may know, the Tagmata regiments were full time well trained professional regiments of soldiers formed by Emperor Constantine V as early as 741-743 CE. The idea being to have troops who were extremely loyal to the Emperor at hand to face any of the many revolts that took place with alarming regularity.

I have painted these guys in in speculative colours; both the clothing and some parts of the armours.  Their mounts are barded with lamellar, made of horn or iron. I chose to go with a red and cream these and vary the patterns in which the paint was applied to the bards on all the horses. Half way through rendering the horses in the prescribed colour scheme I had that uncomfortable feeling that I was a little over the top but seeing them cavalrymen on their mounts eventually waylaid any concerns I was having.

Whilst the army was bought largely for historical and aesthetic reasons I do plan to take part in a friendly WAB tournament sometime early this year. 

Painting all the banners and shields would only have resulted in much less painted miniatures for the challenge so I opted to do both the shield designs and the banners with superb Little Big Man Transfers. I added an extra banner in the event that I might been to add an "Army standard" or something of that nature.

The back view of the unit provides a really nice impression of the Klivanion (Lamellar armour) a top of the mail which in turn is atop of Epilorikion (padded under armour). Each soldier carries a 2.7 meter Kontarion with the exception of the four archers in the back ranks who are equipped with recurved composite bow's and archers equipment.

The officer has made the decision for forgo wearing his Pektorarion (sash) but wields his Sideroravdion (Heavy Mace) as the unit canters home.

Piccies of each mini for more details- all images are "clickable" should you wish for a closer look.

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Arthurian Welsh (Sub Roman)

Hi all,

OK, my first post of the New Year went belly up last evening when I dropped a couple of bases of 28mm  Thematic Byzantine Kavallaroi an inch or so onto my workbench and pinged out three kontos (Kontoses? Kontos'? Whatever is plural for Kontos!)) ! Not exactly a great start! Dark images of the Great Varnishing Late Roman Disaster last year remerged in my thoughts! However, my "rule of three's" came to the rescue and pleased to be able to make the first post of my New Year; Arthurian Welsh. I've been asked to take part in the play testing of several sets of new rules which all work for the Sub Roman era up to the 11th Century. The Welsh were bought in 2007 and have not seen daylight since! "Shame and eternal shame, nothing but shame!

The miniatures are all from Gripping Beast's Arthurian Welsh range.

Those Thematic Byzzies have had their paint jobs rescued and re-varnished by this time next week. In the meantime, please let me introduce a less effective troop type than the Thematic Byzantine Kavallaroi, the Welsh Skirmishers for my Arthurian British and Welsh Kingdom's army, erm.... gang..... erm belligerent group of..... meh, whatever.....

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Late Romans For Sale

In a few weeks I will be entering The Analogue Hobbies Painting challenge with a Thematic Byzantine army that I'm putting together. Before the event, I thought it prudent to slay the demons of the Varnishing Disaster nightmare which stopped me in my tracks in last year's challenge after prepping hundreds of Late Roman miniatures!

I'm not really happy with the painting style on these miniatures so will be selling them. Not yet as I have another 8 of the Late Roman Celtae Seniores Auxillia Palatinum (Infantry). Unfortunately there will be no more cavalry models as the first six were ruined by the varnish from last year. 

I will be looking for £15 per foot and £25 per cavalry model. A total of (when complete) 24 Infantry and (£360GBP) 6 Cataphracts (£150GBP). 

Buyer pays postage.

If you're interested contact me at:

darrell DOT hindley AT googlemail DOT com

Here are the pictures.

All the images are "Clickable" if you want to take a closer look.

There will be another 8 Infantry miniatures (total of 24) when they go on sale)

Close Ups showing painted on Clavi etc: