Saturday, 8 August 2020

Early Byzantine Front Ranks with Hand Painted Banner


After a lot of going backwards and forwards in my head over what to do about the banner for this unit I decided to go 'old school' and paint up my own. It's been years since I have done this for a couple of reasons one which ought to be obvious; transfers save a hell of a lot of time. The other being I couldn't find a suitable transfer/flag sheet that was very representative of 6 CE Eastern Romans. Many of the depictions of the various saints etc on these transfers were clearly from a later era thus they would look out of place on a unit on the cusp of the genesis of the Eastern Roman Empire beginning to reassert themselves by making their presence felt in Western Europe, particularly in north Africa and Italy.

It has been such a long time since I painted up a banner from scratch I have to admit to a little trepidation. I think that the result has come out quite well. If I were to go back and do another version I would have made the border of  of the banner a little more complex, perhaps incorporating a number of Chi Rho symbols etc.

Over all though, I'm quite happy with it. The last two ranks of the unit are now complete but after being left for the acrylic to to thoroughly dry and being given a coat of gloss I'm going to take the advice of Redzed and leave the models for a day or two longer before matting  down.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Aventine Byzantine Heavy infantry Update


Just a very quick update with a few quick snaps of the next rank of the Aventine Extra Heavy Infantry to show.

The mini'as a re pretty much finished with just the leather work on the scabbards and belts and a few bits and bobs like buckles and the helms.

The chap with the flag is a Junior Officer who will be dressing the ranks and the chap with the raised hand another Junior Officer who will be commanding the back rank of archers to loose!

Monday, 3 August 2020

Up the Nile! Beja, Third Lot!

The next little lot of 12 'speed painted' Beja. All 12 min's were completed in in a couple of sittings which is good going but not as fast as the first batch. I'm not exactly sure why they took longer then the first lot but I do hope it's not because I'm starting to get anal about the brush work! Given that I am looking for overall visual impact on the table top slowing down too much really isn't an option!

Please accept my apologies about the quality of the photographs. My new laptop is getting a clean and a new fan fitted so I'm reduced to using an old Lenovo Yoga on which the keyboards and pad don't work so i'm operating with a separate keyboard and mouse! Back to the Stone Ages! :>)

to my horror I was to discover that I neither had GIMP nor Photoshop on this damn machine so was reduced to using sa which has to be one of the worst photo editing tools out there. You can see by the images that it takes one or two attempts before I get the hand of  using Picassa again.

I hope to have more very soon but that might be a few days as I'm also working on some Aventine Byzantine Heavy Infantry which I'm taking my time with as they are simply too gorgeous to hurry.

A more or less actual size pic first:

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Up the Nile! More Beja II

Here is the second unit of Beja. These were not speed painted but were part of the eleven you see on these two bases some five years ago.
Old Unit:

The mini's have been re-based with an extra mini having been painted up to round off the numbers to three a base. They are based for Kevin Calder's Up the Nile Rules but could easily be used in any skirmish game such as Setting the East Ablaze or The Men Who Would be King. Equally, due to the irregular nature of the Mahdist Ansar onslaught Hail Ceasar nicely too.

I remember spending so mch time of these that it really put me off painting any more at the time. Not in a hurry at any rate and that has been borne out by it being over five years since I painted anymore! There is one speed painted mini, painted up with another batch of 12 with a darker skin tone. If you can spot which one it is I will give you a prize! Or a smile. 

Again, these are a rough 50/50 mix of plastics and metals. As lovely as the Perry Miniatures Plastic Mahdists are I find that the bodies are limited in their stance so it is really desirable to pop in plenty of metals to get the right balance and variation.

I used the painting guide that came with the plastic boxed set for the flesh tone and went for a redder African skin tone as illustrated in the guide. I will likely limit it to one unit of 36 with the redder flesh and the rest of the Beja Tribes will be painted in a darker skin tone. It will at least be nice to have one 'tribe' with some variation in appearance. 

Note to self- add dropped spear or sword to this base!

This has literally just come to my attention now and I have been toying as to whether or not to paint it out but I seem to have manged to get a Vallejo Model Colour Dark Sand smudge on the banner! not the best of times to discover such a booboo! LOL