Saturday, 17 October 2020

Early Byzantine Skutatoi and Command Base Shots

A couple of shots of the Armoured Skutatoi Shieldwall with the command base specific to that unit.

I would have got more dynamic results if I had been able to set the unit up against a background of suitable terrain but as it is not yet painted up that is a no-no at present. I've got a few Grand Manner pieces that remain unpainted that will stand in as background terrain ASAP but for now I am going to have to make do with a 'blue' background piece of card. The Late Romanesque buildings were originally purchased when the Warhammer Ancient Battles Age of Arthur supplement was released and it is great to know that they will, once painted, now see the light of day!

Skutatoi Shieldwall with Command Base

Skutatoi Shieldwall in Action:

I also took a couple of close up shots of the miniatures that hopefully show the dynamics of the unit; the way in which they appear to be collectively working together in defence. 

Friday, 16 October 2020

Early Byzantine Skutatoi Combined Unit Command Stand

This is the command base that will go with the first of the Armoured Skutatoi unit, The officers have been painted up with the same matching colour scheme the unit they will take charge of. Thanks to the wealth of extra Officers available in the Aventine Miniatures Early Byzantine range each of the units in my army will be officered with a similar command base thus have their own command stand. This is not really necessary in any of the rules I play but hopefully it will be a nice visual touch which will add to the aesthetic. When all this current craziness is over and the army can move out into the world, a bit like a newly born baby (lol), I plan to put on few display games at various local and national shows. More about that later. Battles will include Dara 530 CE, Solachon 583 CE, Taginea 552 CE and Casilinum 554 CE and most likely, others too!

I decided quite early on that the command stands would mostly just have the Draco as a standard. The reason being that they will be moved around the table a lot with the unit they command and unlike the the hand painted cross sectioned banners which benefit from being nice and safely in the middle of a unit and less likely to be broken. This way I hope to prevent some anguish and tears!

The shield transfer is from Little Big Man Studios.

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Early Byzantine Skutatoi Combined unit

I have included one model from the Dismounted Bucellarri acting as a Doruphoroi (literally 'spear-bearer') acting as one of the picked men from the Comitatus/Bucellarri being sent off to 'officer' and stiffen the resolve of units when necessary. I thought it a nice little touch and a good use of a spare mini.

Being a line infantry regiment from the lower echelons of society, farmers, craftsmen that sort of thing, I decided that rather than give them a elaborate and colourful Icon style banner it might be more appropriate to give them a simpler Chi Rho. I want to preserve the more laboured and ornamental banners for the elite units in the army, be they infantry such as the Dismounted Bucallarri and the Cavalry Units.

The miniature are again, all from Aventine, are beautifully sculpted and cast in very high quality metal. Very minimal work need to be done on these miniatures except a miniscule amount of filing. 

Despite any reservations I had about basing the miniatures once the pinned shields were attached with the Shieldwall pose; what with the preponderance of shields and spears all facing frontwards, the basing and overall effect has worked out beyond expectation. They really do look like they are steadfastly trying to defend the ground they stand on. Full marks to Adam the sculptor! 

Monday, 12 October 2020

Swordpoint; How to Play Videos by Medieval Warrior Parts I, II and III

The first thing I need to point out is that the following "How to Play Swordpoint" videos have been skilfully collated and narrated by Nic aka Medieval Wargamer with his permission from his YouTube Channel.

Here are Parts I, II and III with more to come.

I know just from general chat on the net that Swordpoint by Gripping Beast has been compared, unfairly in my opinion, with Warhammer Ancient Battles or at least as a 'successor' to WAB. There are some comparisons that can be made with WAB though only to the point that Swordpoint has been developed  as a stand alone game and only superficially resembles WAB, in the same way that all wargames rules owe something to HG Wells and Donald Featherstone. Rolls To Hit and rolls To Save etc. The system places a great emphasis on the Line of Battle where units support one another by their local presence which basically equates to an elite unit may not easily break through a line of comparatively lower status on the table top. Maintaining the Line of Battle is the key to a successful game.

Other innovations include Shooting comes before movement etc so one has to think of where both your and your enemies units might be in the next turn.

I think he's done a great job of explaining the rules, certainly better then I could do as my skills with any IT editing video tool kit are minimal which is probably being kind to myself!

Without further ado:

Why I like SWORDPOINT Rules- "Line of Battle"

Why I like SWORDPOINT Rules - Part 2. Shooting

Miniature Battle Aids - Unit Cards