Wednesday 23 November 2022

Late Romans For Sale

In a few weeks I will be entering The Analogue Hobbies Painting challenge with a Thematic Byzantine army that I'm putting together. Before the event, I thought it prudent to slay the demons of the Varnishing Disaster nightmare which stopped me in my tracks in last year's challenge after prepping hundreds of Late Roman miniatures!

I'm not really happy with the painting style on these miniatures so will be selling them. Not yet as I have another 8 of the Late Roman Celtae Seniores Auxillia Palatinum (Infantry). Unfortunately there will be no more cavalry models as the first six were ruined by the varnish from last year. 

I will be looking for £15 per foot and £25 per cavalry model. A total of (when complete) 24 Infantry and (£240GBP) 6 Cataphracts (£150GBP). 

Buyer pays postage.

If you're interested contact me at:

darrell DOT hindley AT googlemail DOT com

Here are the pictures.

All the images are "Clickable" if you want to take a closer look.

There will be another 8 Infantry miniatures (total of 24) when they go on sale)

Close Ups showing painted on Clavi etc:


Tuesday 1 November 2022

Viking Mercenaries/Gall-Gaedhill from the "1066 and All That" WAB Campaign Weekend

Thank you Google! Yeah, another "I never thought I be muttering such appreciative words about Google" post! 

I've been (painfully) cleaning out files from Google Drive and Gmail as in in order to avoid paying for more email storage space. A few days ago Google, in a vain effort to relieve me of funds, kindly informed me Gmail was about to run out of space. Most of the files were rubbish, stuff sent out to various individuals over the years, but I did find a couple of gems; some nice pictures taken at Warhammer World during the 1066 and All That WAB Campaign Weekend. I even remember the game! I was playing Big Jim Sweeney! (For the record, he won!). 

The pictures were taken with my first digital camera so the files aren't great but it was great to see the, now long gone, unit again!

You can tell they're old as they have obviously been varnished with Testors Dullcote. I would recognise that particular slight sheen on the figures anytime!

Th was hand painted and partially taken from the some of the artwork in the Shieldwall WAB supplement.

The unit was put together using mostly Gripping Beast miniatures from their Hiberno-Norse / Norse Gael (sadly some are no longer available) and Viking ranges as I was putting together a unit of Gall-Gaedhill from the Warhammer Ancient Battles Shieldwall supplement! They could also serve as a unit of Viking mercenaries for my Norman army. There are a few minor conversions, the guy with the big chopper having his foot placed on the casualty and some arm rearrangements so's to add a Dane axe or two (the casualty is from Perry Miniatures Crusades pack CU29 Dead and Wounded). 

The dark brown basing came about after a phone conversation with Darren Harding discussing different soil colours he had noticed while shooting around the country in the Beast's van. From memory, I know the base coat was W&N Galleria Burnt Umber, then a Citadel medium brown (the name completely escapes me but from the early 2000's) and lastly a Citadel orange brown (again, apologies but the name escapes me again).

For those who want to take a closer look, all the images are "clickable".

Here's the unit again after rebasing and going for a grey tone in an attempt to get the ground to contrast with the snow effect. Looking back I would say that this particular attempt at contrasting snow with grey earth failed. I would have been better off sticking with the original basing.... :>)

Saturday 29 October 2022

Perry Hundred Years War Scenic Pictures SESWC 2011

Another blast from the past as revealed to me while I was messing about trying to delete as many pdf's and photo's from my Gmail account in order to avoid paying for storage!

This time some really nice pictures taken by my good friend, and at the time fellow SESWC club compatriot David Imrie way back in 2011, which was, I think, the same year the Perry's released their range(?).

And wonderful  it is to behold the pictures again; I was 100% convinced these pictures had died on an old laptop. 

All images are of course, "clickable"

Tuesday 25 October 2022

Anglo Danish Shieldwall Markers

Following on from the converted Early Byzantine Command Stands/Bases and the unit of Anglo Danes I decided to put hope back over to the 11th Century and put together some Shieldwall Markers for the Year of Three Battles epic that was 1066. 

The markers are, unsurprisingly, designed to sit in front of the units to indicate whether the unit is advancing at speed or more slowly, maintaining the protection of their Boardweal. I wanted to see how a few of the markers would look standing to the fore of a few units, to get a feel for what they are going to look like on the tabletop- and, if I'm honest,to see if I had wasted my time with the brush or not!

The miniatures are all very old Gripping Beast models which were a bit difficult to paint in places due to bits of the moulds coming away in places which results in blobs of metal that are extremely hard to remove without risking ones digits! I've bought recent Gripping Beast castings that have been vastly  higher quality so I'm putting it down to the casti gs being over 20 years old and bad luck/timing on my part.

                                                                Shieldwall Marker 2:

Shieldwall Marker 3:

Shieldwall Markers as they will Function on the Tabletop:

Here we have the markers sitting in front of three units. The effect of having one marker sitting on one unit is minimal; it does the job bit doesn't look too impressive. I thin,k when the markers really come into their own and become more visually impressive is when they are placed in front of two or three units. 

All the images are large files and worth clicking if you want to get view of what, part of the army, would look like when deployed onto the tabletop.