Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blast From The Past Part Four

Painting Hoss Flesh Part Four

Hey, here I am again. I've been ordered by Bill and others to update this Blog thing of mine so not wanting to disappoint my audience (if indeed there is one) I will let you know what's been going on thus far. So, fully finished except for a bit of static grass i have two units of Huns and the Bucellari done. So that's roughly half the army which isn't bad considering I have less than four days in which to get this show finished. Am I panicking? Yep, but I will get this project finished or die trying! Don't hold me on the death thing though, could be most unpleasant ;o)

I'd like to take a moment to say that the 'Darren Harding Hoss Painting Method' (TM) has worked a treat. I really did not expect this so mucho kudos to Mr Harding for introducing me to this very time saving mode of painting. It's not a method I'd use in every army I intend to paint but it is certainly the way to go if you're in a hurry or just want to put an army on the table, sans infantry, in a decent amount of time.
Painting Blind; a new theory in the speedy production of colourfull toy soldiers. OK, for anyone that tells you that leaving out the eyes on a mini is a good idea, well, don't listen. I made a decision early on in the project to avoid minor details and stick to the major stuff you see from about two or three feet away from the table. Bad idea. It has actually taken me longer to leave out the eyes than it would have to paint them in. Don't ask!! I can't explain. Must must have had a knock in the womb or something......
Anyway, more handy hints etc when I've got a bit more time. For now enjoy the latest of the pics. Oh, and you are also invited to feel a little on the sorry side for me what with all the painting I have to left to do.
Will he do it? Place your bets now :o)))))

Blasts From The Past Continued 3

Horse Flesh Part Three

Now mix up a wash (not an ink wash) more akin to the original ground/base colour. Then apply liberally, you may even enjoy this bit :o) Leave to dry and check the results. Maybe the hoss needs another coat of the wash? If so, apply liberally once more. The following pics are examples of the horses thus far. I'll be applying another wash.

Basically, keep repeating the drybrush then wash process until you have something that you are satisfied with. The important thing at this stage is to avoid being too fiddley. Keep it simple.

Blasts From The Past Part 2

Horse Flesh Part One

The next step is to give each of the hosses a good heavy dry brush. It's important that you avoid being too shy about the amount of paint on the brush and the first layer can actually be applied whilst the paint is still slightlywet on the brush.

Blasts From The Past 1

Horse Flesh Part One

What we have here are four examples of the undercoat with the ground added. Both the undercoat and ground have been varied in terms of hue as I hopefully want to achieve some variation in the end. The paint is layed upon quite thinly so's not to obscure any detail. That's all there is to it for now....... nice and easy does it as a certain Mr Hugh Cornwell used to say.

Blast From the Past


Just Add Water started as a blog that was centred around putting together a Justinian Byzantine Army for a WAB weekend held at GWHQ and run by Gripping Beast. There were also many other campaigns running on that day which i may or may not have got some pics of, I'll have to hunt them down.

Basically the idea behind Blasts From The Past is to pick some of my favourite posts from just Add Water (the original) and post them up here, well, just for a bit of fun really :O)

The next post will be following in a few minutes!! Hold on to your hats :O)


Friday, 14 September 2012

Claymore Castings Have Done it Again! Casualties!!

I don't know what it is about the sculpting talents of Mr Paul Hicks but he doesn't half capture the measure of animation in a miniature. Kudos to David and Andrewthe architects of Claymore Castings for picking Mr hicks as their preferred sculptor as he has done more than a stirling job on the latest batch of miniatures.

I think you'll agree that there is a lot of scope for vignette style basing or simply a stand alone vignette of Douglas getting butchered! The other casualties will be servinjg nicely in my English Verneuil army and will have equal violence delivered upon then on the bases.

All Four Casualties from the Pack

 Douglas from Above

 Side on View of Douglas

There should be some painted stuff appearing here very soon. I'm just so buisy at the moment that it's hard to fit my own painting time in!


Monday, 3 September 2012

Partizan II

Partizan II has come and gone until next year and for me at was a great show on a many levels. firstly it was only the second show that I've attended all year thus it was very refreshing, secondly with putting on the Battle of Fornovo as a demo game I needed to catch up on the new Perry Italian stuff as well as a few other bits and bobs.

I bought a copy of Gripping BeastsSaga and the supplement to go with it, Northern Fury, the latter having the rules for the Jomsvikings which have had their miniatures sculpted by the very talented Bill from Musketeer Miniatures who just keeps coming on in leaps and bounds. given my interest in Early to Late Medieval history it seemed silly not to buy the Harold Godwinson and his Brothers set too. a little pricey at £10 for three miniatures, but I have to say that the sculpting is very dynamic and when painted up they will look superb. One of the good things about Saga is that it is a skirmish game and it's also something that my girlfriend has expressed an interest in playing with me. We can just about fit a 6'x4' table in our dining room so having a load of Norse etc painted up already should allow us to roll some dice very soon.

So, with two bags full of goodies from Dave Thomas I was lead (almost by the nose!) to the Ainsty Castings stall where (under pain of death from Saby) I picked up a few Crooked dice mini's and an Ainsty Tardis. This is for the start of another skirmish type affair that Saby, being a Dr Who 'nut' insists that we start playing. she even expressed an interest in painting some of the miniatures up! Something she has never tried before, she may be given something old and lacking importance to practice on first! No offence my dear!

As for the games, well, they were what you would expect at what is, in my opinion is still one of the premier shows in the UK. I took a lot of pics so here's to hoping that Blogger can cope!

Indian Mutiny Game

League of Augsburg

Medieval Skirmish Game

Monmouth Rebellion


The Sudan- Peter Pig

The Alma- Dave Andrews

US Invasion of Canada?

US Army Air Force Under Attack- Check Your Six

The Sudan- Skirmish Game- Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine

Western Front WWI- Curteys Miniatures

Y Gododdin

For those of you that didn't make it to Partizan II this year, I've captured most but not all of the games, though I think it gives you a flavour of what you are missing by not being there! It was certainly great to be back after such a long hiatus.