Tuesday 4 December 2012

Blast From The Past VII, Italo-Norman Army

Hi and welcome to another Blast From The Past......

Well, it's been a few weeks so I thought that I ought to pull out the old camera and take a few snaps of at least one of the armies that I promised before the WHW Weekend. So, for now it's the turn of my Italo-Normans. There are still a few bits and bobs that I want to include in the army such as more variation in the Coloni, the addition of a few more Italian/Spanish looking Milites and commands, a unit of Elite Militia and a couple of big units of Levied Militia. There are even a few camp (not that sort of camp!) vignettes that are planned that are actually sitting on my painting table right now. But then again so are my British Kingdoms, my HYW English and my Hamdanid Arabs!!! Hmmm..... I guess it's a case of what grabs my attention first.........

Pics of a few of the British Kingdoms units to follow soon........

Army General
Army Standard Bearer
Mounted Milites One
Close ups

Mounted Milites Two
Close ups
Mounted Milites ThreeClose ups

Coloni with Javelins
Close ups
Coloni with Slings
Crossbows close ups

Serjeants with Crossbows One
Serjeants with Crossbows Two

Aghlibad Arab Heavy Cavalry
Close ups

Aghlibad Arab Light Cavalry
Close ups

Monday 3 December 2012

A Blast From The Past V

Sunday gone, I returned from the thrilling experience of what had been a fabulous weekend at Games Workshop HQ in Lenton and the Age of Arthur, Warhammer Ancient Battles Campaign run by the author the the supplement, James Morris.

Many thanks to (Big) Jim Sweeney for the loan of the Irish army, which was soundly trounced in every game I played LOL. The defeats were to take nothing away from the fun, the laughs and the endless entertainment of using an army I had not used before and my failings in learning how to use the army over the two days! 

Thanks also to my opponents Ivre, Dave, Jack and James as well as all who took part in the highly entertaining skirmish level games.