Monday, 11 January 2021

Anglo Danish Huscarls/Fryd Fourth Unit Finito

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It has been slow progress of late on the painting table. A mixture of growing anxiety and isolation. I've been in self contained isolation now for nine months and I would be lying if I said it was not beginning to really get to me. Worry not, I wont dwell on this. I just needed to say it "out loud" for the sake of my own sanity. Back to the toys.

The fourth unit of Anglo Danes have now happily been completed. That is four out of the projected six and one unit of Norse as allies. I have another five Shieldwall Markers, four 40mm x 40mm Command and 12 bases of Skirmisher types to complete. I'm going be kind to myself and say that I'm just shy of being half way through the army. :>)

In order to keep things fresh on the painting table and with a view to hopefully putting on a game later this year at a show [fingers tightly crossed] I have decided to switch back over to my Early Byzantines for a while. Since returning to the hobby last November and having found a new "discipline" to my painting regime I feel confident that both projects will be completed by October this year, in so far as any wargames project is ever completed! I have been in communication with Keith from Aventine Miniatures who has provided me with clues as to what is planned for release with their spectacular Early Byzantine Range. If you are interested in the Eastern Romans/Early Byzantines you really must take a look at this very high quality range.

Back to the Anglo Danes.....

As mentioned earlier it has been slow going of late but the unit if finally varnished and based. This particular unit is my favourite out of all the Anglo Danish units I have painted thus far (all four lol). The mini taking the arrow in the chest along with the mini catching an arrow in his shield have set off the unit nicely without having what is arguably too dominant a feature such as some of my earlier casualties on the stands which took up most of the space on a base. 

One of the most fun and challenging aspects of putting together a unit in a tight Shieldwall formation is positioning the miniatures. To keep the appearance of mutual interaction during combat. This is not as easy as one might first think, especially on 40mm x 40mm bases! I think I have managed to make most of the miniature "talk" to one another. What do you think? I'm always open to suggestions so please leave a comment if you can think of a way of improving the over all impact of the composition.

First Huscarl Base- Command:

Second Huscarl Base:

Third Huscarl Base:

Forth Base- Fyrd:

Fifth Base- Fyrd:

Sixth Base- Fyrd:


  1. They look dynamic, fierce...and gorgeous!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your kind words Mr Unknown :)

  3. Superb paintjob and basing on this anglo danish unit !!!


  4. If you had a pound for everyone who looked youd be rich. Really great work and your isolation is of benefit to us all who love amazing looking miniatures.which rules do you use?

    1. Thanks Paul.

      They have yet to be used in anger, but, I was thinking Swordpoint, HC, Even Impetus if I put them on sabot bases (the frontage of each unit is 120m). anything would do really, I would just be happy to roll some dice again :)

  5. Beautifully painted. They really pop.


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