Friday, 15 June 2012

Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Vignette


It's certainly been a good while since I posted anything on this particular blog so I thought I'd talk you through the vignette that I was asked to put together by Guy Bowers of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy fame. The theme of the issue was that of Romans vs Celts as this was to be the focus for a few new Ancients rule sets that had or were about to be released.

I must admit that I really had an aversion to just rattling off a battle scene or anything of that ilk. I think that this has been played over a thousand times with regard to the 'period' and my preference was go for something a little more unique. Warlord Games sent me quite a few blisters of which to choose from and I settled on the idea of an ambush. Their Marching Marius' Mules were just perfect for the job of the Romans but what to use for the Celts? Once again Warlord Games came to the rescue as they had sent some of their Celtic Women and Children, all suitably armed with rocks. With the addition of one of the mini's from Crusader Miniatures Skirmishing Women and Children packs I was all set and ready to rock and roll...... ok, sit in my studio and paint if you prefer ;O)

I'm not going to rabbit on about the what, where and why's of how I put the composition together or what colours I chose,  for that you will have to buy the magazine. I believe there is a cheaper Pdf of the issue available from WSS HQ. please enjoy the pics and let me know what you think if you have a mind to.