Monday 13 June 2022

Todd's Workshop/Tobias Capwell- Arrows vs Armour 2 - THE HELMET (fundraiser)

A very worthy cause for anyone interested in Late Medieval warfare, how just effective armours were against the English warbow and at a decent "average" draw weight; and perhaps more importantly, a draw weight which could be repeated .

Please follow the link for all the details on how you can support the project. At the time of typing it is fully funded but the more cash they have access to the more they can investigate this regularly debated topic.

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Testudo Miniatures Available Again Soon!

It's not often that I advertise miniatures on my blog but as I have been wishing for, waiting and essentially nagging poor Guiseppe into maybe re-releasing the range some day I do feel somewhat duty bound to do so!

This is legitimately brilliant news for anyone who wants to refight Tannenberg/Grunwald 15 July 1410 complete with early 15th Century nights in flowing robes. There used to also be a lovely complimentary selection of Mounted Russian's too so hopefully we shall seen the return of these too.

The miniatures are modelled specifically for the Tannenberg era but would be used for skirmishes and battles in and around the time period using rules like Lion Rampant, the soon to be released Lion Rampant II and larger battle format games like Swordpoint, Hail Ceasar or indeed, your favourite Medieval rules of choice.

At present I'm not sure where they will be available but will update this post As soon as have that information.

All the images are "clickable" so you can enlarge to a size where the images of the models is clear.