Thursday 27 September 2012

Blast From The Past Part Four

Painting Hoss Flesh Part Four

Hey, here I am again. I've been ordered by Bill and others to update this Blog thing of mine so not wanting to disappoint my audience (if indeed there is one) I will let you know what's been going on thus far. So, fully finished except for a bit of static grass i have two units of Huns and the Bucellari done. So that's roughly half the army which isn't bad considering I have less than four days in which to get this show finished. Am I panicking? Yep, but I will get this project finished or die trying! Don't hold me on the death thing though, could be most unpleasant ;o)

I'd like to take a moment to say that the 'Darren Harding Hoss Painting Method' (TM) has worked a treat. I really did not expect this so mucho kudos to Mr Harding for introducing me to this very time saving mode of painting. It's not a method I'd use in every army I intend to paint but it is certainly the way to go if you're in a hurry or just want to put an army on the table, sans infantry, in a decent amount of time.
Painting Blind; a new theory in the speedy production of colourfull toy soldiers. OK, for anyone that tells you that leaving out the eyes on a mini is a good idea, well, don't listen. I made a decision early on in the project to avoid minor details and stick to the major stuff you see from about two or three feet away from the table. Bad idea. It has actually taken me longer to leave out the eyes than it would have to paint them in. Don't ask!! I can't explain. Must must have had a knock in the womb or something......
Anyway, more handy hints etc when I've got a bit more time. For now enjoy the latest of the pics. Oh, and you are also invited to feel a little on the sorry side for me what with all the painting I have to left to do.
Will he do it? Place your bets now :o)))))


  1. Veyr nice looking minis !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Very, very nice, I like the lot. And don't despair, a bit of pressure helps getting things done you'd never expected to achieve. I'm looking forward to the finished army (if such things exist).


  3. Excelent figures, I may give this way a go myself!

    1. It's worth it Ray.

      It's a little bit more work than Oil Wiping but you get the results a lot quicker than waiting for the oil paint to dry.


  4. Excellent results, really like these.

  5. Great series. I have always had a problem with horses.


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