Tuesday 25 October 2022

Anglo Danish Shieldwall Markers

Following on from the converted Early Byzantine Command Stands/Bases and the unit of Anglo Danes I decided to put hope back over to the 11th Century and put together some Shieldwall Markers for the Year of Three Battles epic that was 1066. 

The markers are, unsurprisingly, designed to sit in front of the units to indicate whether the unit is advancing at speed or more slowly, maintaining the protection of their Boardweal. I wanted to see how a few of the markers would look standing to the fore of a few units, to get a feel for what they are going to look like on the tabletop- and, if I'm honest,to see if I had wasted my time with the brush or not!

The miniatures are all very old Gripping Beast models which were a bit difficult to paint in places due to bits of the moulds coming away in places which results in blobs of metal that are extremely hard to remove without risking ones digits! I've bought recent Gripping Beast castings that have been vastly  higher quality so I'm putting it down to the casti gs being over 20 years old and bad luck/timing on my part.

                                                                Shieldwall Marker 2:

Shieldwall Marker 3:

Shieldwall Markers as they will Function on the Tabletop:

Here we have the markers sitting in front of three units. The effect of having one marker sitting on one unit is minimal; it does the job bit doesn't look too impressive. I thin,k when the markers really come into their own and become more visually impressive is when they are placed in front of two or three units. 

All the images are large files and worth clicking if you want to get view of what, part of the army, would look like when deployed onto the tabletop.


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