Thursday 20 October 2022

Anglo Danes Close Ups of Each Base (Unit Five)

Here are the close ups of the last unit I finished. So, why the close ups? First off it allows for the bases to be seen as individual interactions or conversations between the miniatures. where possible, with my miniatures I try to make each model look like it is part of an organic fighting force This is the case even in Victorian era armies as you can see here:

This is all the more important with vignettes (to state the obvious):

In the case of the Anglo Danes I wanted to evoke the frantic crush of battle as portrayed in the Bayeux Tapestry. To conjure up the press, the desperation, the sheer brutality and belligerence as illustrated on that famous embroidery.

I hope that, in some small way I have managed to touch upon the press of battle as elucidated in the tapestry in some small way.

All the images in this article, are as usual, "clickable" if you would like to enlarge the pictures.

Huscarl Base 1:

Huscarl Base 2:

Huscarl Base 3:

Fyrd Base 1:

Fyrd Base 2:

Fyrd Base 3:


  1. They look fantastic! Love your philosophy of creating little vignettes

    1. Thanks. Very gratifying to read that you're enjoying the idea of each base being a little vigenette.


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