Thursday 12 December 2019

Ye Olde Pics of Justinian Byzantines

I managed to salvage some pics of my old Justinian Byzantines painted for one of the WAB campaign weekends at GWHQ in Lenton.

It was a bit of an emotional ride going through all those pictures of miniatures I have painted up over the years, especially with this army as it brought back some fantastic memories (I don't think I won a game all weekend!).

The army was speed painted in a matter of about five or six weeks for the event.


  1. Splendid colors and wonderful job!

    1. Thanks Phil.

      They now reside in the collection of a chap in Belgium. I got plenty of use out of them. Probably my favourite WAB army to have played.

  2. Very nice army.

    I am currently planning to do an early Byzantine army using the new Aventine miniatures.

    Any suggestion re miniatures and size compatibility alongside Aventine?

    1. Hi Eoin,

      Funnily enough I've been collecting the Aventine range myself. I'm painting up some of the extra heavy infantry now. I've had a few phone conversations with Keith concerning the range and they are going to have all bases covered for the Justinian and Heraclian periods. I don't know how much I should say really but anything and everything you might want for an Early Byzantine army will be available from them. They are extremely detailed miniatures and very well cast. If I'm honest, I think they are very hard to beat.

      In terms of enemies, I've been looking at the Footsore Goths, the Foundry Franks, Aventine Sassanids (there's the A&A Sassanids too but they are really 4th Century and would have been fighting the Late Romans as opposed to a 6th Century Byzantine army). So, basically Foundry and Footsore and back to Aventine for the Sassanids. Lombards could be represented using Goths very easily. I'm also currently working on a Gripping Beast Late Roman Cataphract unit that I've put on the Footsore Late Roman barded horses that I will be using as a Very Heavy goth Cavalry unit.

      Hope that helps a bit?


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