Thursday 5 March 2020

Battle of Shrewsbury 1069; Interior Buildings II

This time just a quick post with a couple of Gripping Beast resin pieces from their Dark Ages range. Again, these pieces were bought many years ago and I just never got around to painting them up. They are pretty basic castings and solid pieces but this does not diminish the aesthetic look and will not hinder the game.

The upright wooden superstructure and outer structure of the pieces were painted using a craft paint that is more or less the equivalent of Vallejo Model Colour German Cammo Black Brown (perhaps a little lighter) and highlighted up using craft paint creams and finally with Vallajo Model Colour Ivory.

The thatching was done in exactly the same way but starting with a craft paint of a lighter hue and highlighted up a few steps higher in tone than that of the wood.


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    1. Cheers Jack, I'm beginning to get heartily tired of starting each building with a dark brown and highlighting up! lol :>)


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