Tuesday 7 February 2023

Andalusian/Almohad/Almoravid Noble Command Vignette Base

This piece was sitting in my undercoated and primed cupboard since 2019 and was just begging to be completed. I have minor wargames butterfly tendencies, nothing compared to years ago, but still find it useful to remain on focus for major projects (Thematic Byzantines for the AHPC this year) by fliting with other periods etc from time to time. 

The vignette is specific to my Spanish 11th CE and features a Muslim Faris (Furusiyya, "Knighthood" is a martial tradition dating back to pre Islamic times) attacking a downed Frankish/Spanish knight. This piece but could sit easily in Spain or the Middle East during the 11th/12th CE as a command base or just a vignette to keep things interesting away from the main action on the wargames table.

For anyone interested in the origin of the miniatures, the Muslim Faris (Furusiyya,  Mutatawwi'a Warlord on Horse and a miniature from Wargames Foundry's Norman Spearmen Characters from their Matthew Bickley Normans range. 

The shield is hand painted. 

All the images are "clickable" for those wishing to enlarge the images. 

A Few Details- "all clickable"/Enlargeable:


  1. I love the details; the striped saddle pad and shield are really well done.

    1. Thanks mate. I've got a few other bits and bobs I need to start for my 11th CE Spain project. Hopefully soon!

  2. By Perun! What a perfectly painted figures!


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