Wednesday 10 May 2023

Warhammer Ancient Battles V.2 at Britcon Fri 11 Aug- Sun 13th 2023

As the title suggests Warhammer Ancient Battles V.2 has returned to Britcon Fri 11 Aug- Sun 13th 2023.

5 games, just Saturday and Sunday.

3000pts, but 8 foot tables.

Please use the lists from WAB V.2; Chariot Wars Lists and the Armies of Antiquity Volume 2 and the Errata for said edition. From Biblical up to 50BC, a large classical period basically. 

Prices are:

£50 entry, but this includes £5 voucher to spend on toys at the event.

AND meal both days, a butty, crisps, drink etc.

Accommodation is £75/ bed and breakfast at Notts Uni.

Any questions etc, please contact the organiser at:

timhaslam1 AT ntlworld DOT com

Link to relevant page for tickets and accomadation on the BHGS/Britcon Site HERE!:

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