Thursday, 29 April 2021

Perry Miniatures Converted Mounted Infantry for El Teb New Pictures

This post is an updated amalgam of a few posts from 2015 with new pictures. The lighting wasn't great on the last series of pictures so I took the liberty of retaking the shots and added a number of pictures of the single bases for those interested in the detail.

When starting out on the creation of the unit one thing was clear; if I wanted to field the mounted Infantry as mounted then I was going to have to convert them. I bought one pack of SB40 British Camel Corp Rifles on Hips and one SB39 British Camel Corp Command. It was a more or less straight forward job. First file the space between the poor chaps legs so that they would fit neatly onto the horses and adding in the extra puttees as that part of the models had not been sculpted due to the miniatures having to fit on the camels. I also ordered two packs of the 10th Hussars so they would be supplied with mounts. I used Mike Snooks excellent book and guide to the uniforms of the British, Egyptian and Mahdists from the appendix of Go Strong into the Desert  to gather all the information regarding the uniforms of the Mounted Infantry who fought at El Teb. I was just about ready to go.

I plan on doing 12 dismounted Mounted Infantry for the purposes of well, then they need to dismount on the table top! They will probably be next though I think I have another 12 Beja to complete first from a unit that got caught up in the release of the Perry Plastic Afghan Tribesmen!

The Puttee work:

Overall View of the Infantryman Sitting Neatly on the Horse:

The painting process was quite a long  one (but not laborious) as it was new territory for me and I didn't want to get slip up on this project. In the end I think that they're turned out quite nicely and I have to admit to being a little proud of my efforts.


The Single Bases- Base 1:

The Single Bases- Base 2:

The Single Bases- Base 3:


  1. Outstanding work. Good idea with the conversations. I love the paint jobs on those horses!

    1. Thanks you for the kind words Sgt. Guinness.


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