Sunday, 15 August 2021

Up the Nile- Forces Thus Far

Again, with the studio out of action it has given me a little time to catch up on some photography work. To help me take stock of where I am with various projects too- and stick to the "Rule of Threes"! :>) 

These are all the miniatures were completed before I started collecting the beautiful Aventine Miniatures Early Byzantines, which, being my dream army for the last twenty years naturally sent me off at an extensive year long tangent!

The first unit for m y Sudan collection was completed way back in 2015. One of the few gaps in the Perry Miniatures Sudan range was that of the Mounted Infantry Company under L/Captain Humphreys. Thus a small degree of conversion work was called for. The Mounted Infantry models are taken from the Command and Troop packs of the Perry Miniatures British Camel Corp with their "undersides" filed out (enter the "bastard" file!) with putty work done on redefining the puttees. The horses are taken from the 10th hussars packs. 

All the imaged below are "clickable" for anyone interested in taking a closer look.

Mounted Infantry Company:

The next lots are two two units of Beja. Unlike the Mounted Infantry Company I needed to work out a way in which to paint a heck of a lot faster then I might normally do. This was achieved by the judicious use of washes on the clothing but not as one might expect on the flesh. Two of the Wargames Foundry Triads were to suffice for that job. I think it took me three or four sittings to do each unit. That is very quick by my standards! 

Beja Unit 1:

This unit was painted with a very dark fleshtone - starting with Vallejo Model Colour German Cammo Black Brown then with three layers of the Wargames Foundry Dark African Flash Triad.


Single Bases:

Beja Unit 2:

It was not until it came to taking the pictures of the second unit that I realised that it is four bases short of where I would like it to be. It is going to be out with the mini's tonight in order to sort out the next twelve needed to complete the unit. The second unit was painted with a more of a red red tone for variation. I forget what I have used for the initial base colour (I suspect it was Wargames Foundry Musket Brown B?) but I can say the rest of the layers were done with the Wargames Foundry African Flesh Light triad.


Apologies to the sticky paint fingers on the banner! It will be replaced as soon as I get to finishing the last few bases! 

As explained above, the project came to a standstill when the Byzantines started dropping through my letterbox. After a year and five months of literally being inside my house; I am under strict Doctor's orders not to venture into any enclosed spaces with any other human beings! I have come the conclusion that this project needs to be reawakened as it can be played solo. For the time being that is where I am so I really do need to adapt to my circumstances. Kevin Calder's Up the Nile Rules are quite simple yet elegant. In brief, the rules are based on combat attrition thus there is little removal of casualties. 

I have finally got around to sorting out the studio space, so soon I will be able to get some solo action in! I do have to get a unit or two of Brits painted up to test out the rules! Yep, more painting required!

Kevin Calder's Up the Nile Rules:


I am very much looking forward to getting back into the swing of all things Sudan. It is certainly time to get to work on some of the British units to take on the followers of the Mahdi! So, much more to come in the coming months. I have a sneaking suspicion that by venturing back into "Colonial" wargaming I may be opening the door (wide) for more Second Anglo Afghan War action. We shall have to see. :>)


  1. These are beautiful. Not familiar with these rules as I'd always though in terms of 'The Sands of the Sudan' when mulling over this as a project.

    1. I discovered Up the Nile on one of the Wargames Illustrated vide on YouTube. I took punt and ordered. Read them once and actually took it all in! LOL They just hit the spot as you can play a decent game on a table as small as 6' x 4'. They hit the spot. Hopefully I'll be getting a few games in soon. I've got a copy of The Sands of the Sudan too- so maybe larger games with that set(???). :)

  2. Love seeing your work mate, these look so good.

    1. Thanks Jack. Like all y other projects I have so much more to do LOL


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