Wednesday 27 April 2022

More Anglo Danes!

I have completed the second rank in the 24 man unit with the command figures; a which are a mix of Wargames Foundry (Matthew Bickley), Footsore (Matthew Bickley), and Saxon Miniatures (Colin Patten). Also in the first two ranks are OOP Gripping Beast (Colin Patten [Milliput sculpts!]), Gripping Beast (Stephen and Colin Patten). I remember when I first started to put the units of Anglo Danes together feeling a little apprehensive about mixing such a wide range of miniature manufacturers. Not so now, as I love having units with as much variation as possible; also at the end of the day miniatures that ought not to mix at first glance seem to gel very well indeed when amassed in the Shieldwall.

These were completed a little faster than the last lost but I'm still not happy with my brush control. I think I have let myself down a little, especially on the facial details. something to bear in mind next time! To really take my time!

So, that leaves the 12 Fyrd for the back ranks.... more to come!


  1. I think you're being too much of a perfectionist - I can't see any drop in standards. Your paint jobs are as neat / sharp as ever and you haven't lost your touch in selecting palettes that work so well together. However, I do hope you fully recover and can put it all behind you. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks. It might be psychological but the brush just doesn't feel as "in control" in my hand at present.

  2. Really lovely work! I feel these look excellent, the only part that looks as it could benefit from a bit more time is the wood grain on the spears which is a bit too wobbly. But its a small detail! The faces look really good.

    But I know your feeling, sometimes I really struggle and everything feels lile I am hamfisted and never held a brush. How do you proceed with painted miniatures in that case? Do you keep them and will judge them less harshly after some time or do you strip the paint and start again?

    1. I never strip them though I have been known to put mini's in a deep dark corner and forget about them LOL. I've been quite ill of late ergo the slightly wobbly lines on some of the spear shafts. I took a couple of months away from the brush and it's been hard going returning.

      If you want to see what I'm normally capable of then check out these posts:

      You can see why I'm a bit less than happy with my latest stuff.

  3. Hello,
    Very nice painting !!!


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