Thursday 23 November 2023

For Sale- More Books and Rule Sets

If you're interested in anything please contact me via the email form on this blog (it can be slow) or email me at:

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Harry smith's Last Throw, The Eighth Frontier War 1850-1853, Keith Smith- £15

The Wedding Feast War, The Final Tragedy of the Xhosa People, Keith Smith- £13

The Colonial New Zealand Wars, Tim Ryan, Bill Parham- £50

The New Zealand Wars, James Belich- £6

Impetus, Rules for Miniature Battles, Lorenzo Sartori- £6

Extra Impetus Vol 1, Lorenzo Sartori- £6

Extra Impetus Vol 2, Lorenzo Sartori- £6

Extra Impetus Vol 3, Lorenzo Sartori- £6

Furioso, The Italian Wars (Fantasy based not historical)- £5

Beneath the Lily Banners, Second Edition, Barry Hilton- £50

ADLG - Art De La Guerre, Herve Caille- £20

Warhammer Historical, The Great War - £50

Warhammer Historical, Warmaster Ancients- £50

Los Tercios, Jordi Bru (artwork book)- £20

Italian Rapier Combat, Capo Ferro's 'Gran Simalcro', Jared Kirby- £15

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