Wednesday 29 May 2024

Clubbing It with WAB- Seleucids vs Republican Romans Part 1

At the club we've been trying to play larger games of WAB as it was the general consensus that these were more enjoyable games, which they are IMHO. Less of the "I wanna win" attitude and more relaxed- just how I like to play a game.  hopefully my compatriots too! It also allows us to get out all the toys which is often the dream of all wargamers so what is there not to like? So, our merry band, consisting of Neil, Graeme, "Little", Matt, Martin and my good self (invisible behind the camera) set about playing what was actually our second bout. 

The first bout being finished the week before but I forgot my camera/forgot to take any pictures with said camera! (I know.....)

The Skirmishers and Light Cavalry of both sides advance. 

On the Seleucid (moi) left the Scythians Horse Archers give cover  to the Scythed Chariots and War Elephants as they (literally!) trundle forward.

Seleucid Skirmishing Archers and Scythian Horse Archers start loosing arrows but to very little effect. Roman Velites move seemingly inexorably forward threatening the Seleucid skirmish screen. Martin's Spanish Cavalry and Roman (Spanish in this game) Cavalry set a trap for the extra manoeuvrability of the Seleucid Companion Wedge just forward and to the right out of the frame.

The Roman Legions advance and are hit by as many arrows as find their mark. Not too many by the looks of things!

Mystery man appears (top right- one of Graeme's (also top right) buddies from his role playing days I gleaned. This picture gives a great view of the battle lines and perhaps highlights one of the problems with WAB in that Skirmishers can have too much of an influence on the outcome of events and tend to stand around, in everyone's way for much of the battle. in reality, as soon as the big boys started to close, except in exceptional circumstances, they would have been off and very glad about it!

Another view of the battle lines, this time highlighting Martin's Cavalry Trap. 

I'm a bit unclear about what happened here but I think this is the moment that my Skirmishing Archers and Scythians combined to reduce the Numidians and gain a slight advantage for the Seleucids on the right flank. 

Romans, playing checkers again!

(I just took this picture as it is a wee bit evocative- what with the War Elephant in the foreground and the lines of infantry of both sides  into the background.) 

The Romans keep on a coming, as steady as you like. The Seleucid's might have been better off taking plenty of Javelin and Shield armed Skirmishers, thrusting them forward at the "tougher than they look" Roman Velites

The mighty charge of the Companions in Wedge sees off their Spanish adversaries

The War Elephant Crew and Scythians keep loosing those arrows. The Spanish Cavalry allies of the Romans retreat.

A look at the right flank lest Little Graeme feel left out and one of his Agema Wedges hits the romans squarely. The second Agema Wedge is held up by enemy Skirmishers! 

End of tonight's session view...... part two tomorrow night and there will of course be a report!


  1. Nice collection, and I agree about WAB. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great to see large WAB games. Reminds me that my own collection needs to see the gaming table again

    1. Yep, we play WAB a lot at the club (Time Warp/Groundhog Day). The Skirmishers can be very annoying though- I reckon we need a house rule so that they do one before the lines meet.
      Maybe think about getting that collection out again Neil? I reckon you'll love it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Bartek, Part II just as soon as I find the time.


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