Monday 3 June 2024

Clubbing It with WAB- Seleucids vs Republican Romans Part 2 (Final)

Last night we played the last session in our Repo roman vs Seleucid brawl. I say brawl with intent as that is what it came down to in the end. Please see Part 1 HERE.

Below you can see the results of the Seleucid (unmanned Matt Boyd!) Scythed Chariot having seen off the Spanish (actually Roman mini's) Cavalry. The Scythed Chariot having rolled a one, a good thing in this case as it meant it survived the impact and was ready to make another charge! 

One daring unit of Hastati eventually hit the Phalanx and I think the combat was drawn. This ought to work out well as the Phalanx striking first would eventually wear the roman lines down right?

Back on my flank my Scythed Chariot was harassed by those pesky Numidians who failed to cause a wound ergo the invincible Scythed Chariot stood it's ground and was ready for action in the Seleucid turn coming up.

another view of the initial Hastati/Phalanx clash.

The Roman, oh sorry, I mean Spanish Cavalry rally, charge the chariot and finally, I said finally(!) manage to put it, and it's invisible driver, out of their misery!

This is where we expected the Phalanx to come into it's won and start grinding out those casualties. They thoroughly beat the Hastati who managed to hold due to the bravery of their General and Army Standard who had both pushed forward to support their troops. The pride of the Seleucid Infantry, the Argyraspides wait patiently for the charge into the flank!

howe does one say "We'z outta here" in Latin?

View of the table. Still anyone's game leaning towards that of the Seleucids as my Agema Companion Cavalry have a clear run at the roman flank and rear! The ellie and the Scythians keep pouring on the arrows into the Roman, oh sorry, I mean Spanish Cavalry in an effort to finish them off and avoid any nuisance they might get up to when the Agema Companion Cavalry make their charge.

Result of a lot of arrows used up? nothing. Very frustrating!

Crucially, or so I thought, the Agema Companion Cavalry hold their charge until our next turn. Whether this proves to be a mistake or a stroke of genius remains to be seen. 

Hastati, Principe and Velites start to make an impact on the Phalanx left. Start to win the combats!

One Phalanx (mine) breaks and the Principes shoot past the Argyraspides who, apart from being amazed at the speed they passed, can do nothing as it is not their turn. 

Meanwhile on the left flank, things are looking very grim as the phalangites start to do a runner! 

Another eagle eyes view (I'll get me coat.....) Two more Phalanxes flee off the table- I mean battlefield! Gulp!

Ouch! The romans are now ready to try to make that flank charge on the Phalanx!

The, until now, unmentioned Extraordinarii, troops that fought in the "old way" charge the Companions to the rear (is that even possible?). The Companions and their Wedge formation flattens making them somewhat vulnerable. Meanwhile, the Agema companion Cavalry on the left flank make a charge into a worn down unit of Hastati. What could go wrong?

The Argyraspides still find themselves out of range for that flank charge!

Not before time (duh!) the Agema Companion Cavalry make their charge hoping to blast a hole through the Roman unit- at least that way there may be a clear path away from the battlefield!

"Little" Graeme's face speaks volumes about the Seleucid predicament!

Finally, after what must have been several Camel Trains' worth of ammunition the roman, i'm sorry, I mean Spanish Cavalry are seen off......  small mercies, eh?

The Romans hold. From this point the Seleucids and goners and it is noticeable in the air that some of these folks around me are feeling thirsty! We decide to call it. Definitely a Roman victory! Veni vidi Vatever!

If only.....

The following pics were quickly taken of an ECW game on the other table (in the large table room). Quite a site it was. I think they were using Warlord's Pike ands Shotte which is of interest as a club mate and my good self are looking for a set to use for the ECW (and hopefully the TYW).


  1. Can't say I'm impressed by WAB as rule-set if it allows Romans to break a phalanx frontally in goo going, especially when they're the ones being overlapped.

    1. The dice rolling was probably the worst I have ever seen for the Phalanx. We can't re-fight Pydna every time we play Repo Romans vs Romans vs Seleucids.

  2. Nice to see WAB back in the news!

    1. Thanks and...... it's always in the news at our club LOL


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