Saturday, 30 May 2015

Completed Re-based and the Converted Archer Stands


Here are the finished pics from the re-based and the converted Archer mini's that I completed yesterday. There is a bit of a yellow cast on the pics as i had my camera on the wrong setting without realizing. Rather then take all the pics again I decided that I'd just post up the pics as they are because I'll be taking more later when the bases with the stakes are completed and of course, when I've painted more up.

First off we have some pics of the bases doubled up followed by the single bases:

Doubled Up:

Single Bases:

Next up.... some NWF Brits and then back to either the Sudan of the Battle of Verneuil (or maybe the Indian Mutiny/first War of Independence if I can find the correct size washers!)

Bye for now.


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    1. Thanks for the complimentary words :>)

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    1. Thanks Michael, I've got a long way to go just with the archers never mind the ne==men at arms but it will be all worth it in the end :>)


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