Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Salute By Increments; Michael Lecks Lion Rampant Hatunaleken Game

This game although small was highly detailed and covered a raid made on the small town of Stockholm. It was a little piece of art in my humble opinion and had all the hallmarks of Michael Leck and co's attention to detail. A really delightful piece and excellent presentation. I also got to n=meet Michael after a couple of aborted attempts on my part, a real pleasure Michael if you're reading(?).

Bye for now.


  1. Thanks Darrell, it was really nice to meet at Salute !

    I might be the official runner of this game but it would have been none if
    it wasn´t for my Swedish friend Jan Kärrman that residens outside London
    and is a really exellent terrain builder, all prais to Jan for his
    stunning building effort that made it possible for us to run the game at
    salute with the help of Jesper, Tony and Collin.

    Best regards Michael

    1. Not a problem at all Michael.

      Glad to see that you've credited all involved :>)



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