Saturday, 5 September 2020

Aventine Early Byzantine Slingers

One gloss coat a week yesterday and one matt coat last night followed by some grass tufts and voila! We have some Aventine Early Byzantine Slingers ready for the table top.

I gave these just as much love and attention as the Dismounted Bucellarii in the full knowledge that they will be one of the first units to peg it off the tabletop and back into the box! This either makes me dedicated or a bit of a silly sod. You decide :>)

As usual the quality of both the sculpting and the casting was sublime. I've really fallen in love with Aventine Miniatures. I've also been eyeing up the Late Sassanids range which at this stage of painting up the Byzantine infantry could prove fatal! A fatal attraction if there ever was one.

The 'whites' were painted up with base coat of VMC Medium Grey and is gradually mixed with VMC Pale Sand then when the time comes VMC Matt White. At no point do I let the highlights reach pure Matt White as I am a strong believer that this is too stark a colour to use on miniatures.

The red hemming on the tunic and the caps is from the Second Darkest colour from the Andrea Red set then a small amount of the the Andrea Red mixed with VMC Carmine Red and a final highlight of VMC Amarantha Red.

As usual all the files are clickable to you can enlarge the images.

The Whole Unit:

Individual Bases- First Base:

Second Base:

Third Base: 

Forth Base: 

Fifth Base:

More Byzantine goodness next week with a special little something that I have been really looking forward to painting!


  1. Super looking slingers, nice sculpts, lovely painting!
    Best Iain

  2. Great work Darrell, I also agree about no white, Ivory is as pale as I get.

    1. Great minds Paul ;>)

      Thanks to the kind words too.

  3. More beautiful Byzantines! Fest for my eyes :)


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