Monday, 7 September 2020

Up the Nile! Beja Lot 6!

A few days ago I finished lot six of the Beja and managed to get in some early morning photography. Perhaps a little too early as I forgot to set the lighting up properly!

That is 12 more to add to the pile which now makes 60, which isn't bad going when you think that I have three projects on the go, two that I am working briskly through and one that I'm taking my time with. I think I have been working on the Beja for Up the Nile for roughly just over a month so I am more than pleased with the progress thus far.

The skin tones on this lot matches the redder African skin tones on one other lot with 12 more like these to come. Then it is back to the darker skin tones as I think I prefer them.

All the images are 'clickable' so you can enlarge the images to see them warts and all.

Group shots:

The Single Bases:


  1. Splendid stuff Darrell, I think you are right about the lighting though, a re-shoot may be in order to really show 'em off.

    1. LOL you're not wrong..... I think I was still half asleep LOL

      I'll do a group shot of each 30 man unit when I get the second completed..... I am expecting three boxes of plastic Afghan warriors by the dynamic duo through the post very soon so anything could happen from here LOL


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