Saturday, 17 October 2020

Early Byzantine Skutatoi and Command Base Shots

A couple of shots of the Armoured Skutatoi Shieldwall with the command base specific to that unit.

I would have got more dynamic results if I had been able to set the unit up against a background of suitable terrain but as it is not yet painted up that is a no-no at present. I've got a few Grand Manner pieces that remain unpainted that will stand in as background terrain ASAP but for now I am going to have to make do with a 'blue' background piece of card. The Late Romanesque buildings were originally purchased when the Warhammer Ancient Battles Age of Arthur supplement was released and it is great to know that they will, once painted, now see the light of day!

Skutatoi Shieldwall with Command Base

Skutatoi Shieldwall in Action:

I also took a couple of close up shots of the miniatures that hopefully show the dynamics of the unit; the way in which they appear to be collectively working together in defence. 


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