Friday, 16 October 2020

Early Byzantine Skutatoi Combined Unit Command Stand

This is the command base that will go with the first of the Armoured Skutatoi unit, The officers have been painted up with the same matching colour scheme the unit they will take charge of. Thanks to the wealth of extra Officers available in the Aventine Miniatures Early Byzantine range each of the units in my army will be officered with a similar command base thus have their own command stand. This is not really necessary in any of the rules I play but hopefully it will be a nice visual touch which will add to the aesthetic. When all this current craziness is over and the army can move out into the world, a bit like a newly born baby (lol), I plan to put on few display games at various local and national shows. More about that later. Battles will include Dara 530 CE, Solachon 583 CE, Taginea 552 CE and Casilinum 554 CE and most likely, others too!

I decided quite early on that the command stands would mostly just have the Draco as a standard. The reason being that they will be moved around the table a lot with the unit they command and unlike the the hand painted cross sectioned banners which benefit from being nice and safely in the middle of a unit and less likely to be broken. This way I hope to prevent some anguish and tears!

The shield transfer is from Little Big Man Studios.


  1. Lovely looking command stand, great colours, nicely done!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks for your support Iain, appreciated :)

  2. Wonderful painting and basing, inspired work!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Paul, always appreciated old bean :)

  4. Very well done! Your black lining works very well and makes the colours pop


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