Friday, 26 March 2021

Unarmoured Early Byzantine Skutatoi Unit Complete!

This unit seems to have taken quite some time to complete. I'm very pleased to have finally finished these little fellows, or at least I thought I was but soon discovered that I had not yet varnished the banner on close inspection of the photographs! Still, the banner has been fortunate not to suffer from any satin sheen that can sometimes crop up when mixing Acrylics from different manufacturers so I think the images will hold up as they are. It shall be done tomorrow but I don't think I'm going to betaking any more pictures. Maybe some of the single bases in  my next post in a day or two.

Although I have stuck with the white tunic and red borders etc I am currently working on the Second unit of Unarmoured Skutatoi in a tunics in deep shades of green with yellow borders. When I was researching the Early Byzantine army I came across an enormous amount of colourful tunics, often garish, in almost every reenactor group I encountered, thus I aimed to incorporate more colourful units in the army. Not too many though as I want to avoid the army turning into a dogs dinner of competing colours! I think most of the very colourful units will be saved for the Cavalry and Bucellarri.

Slightly Above Eye Level:

From a Slightly Higher Angle:

A Couple of Close Ups:


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    1. Thanks pal. They took a lot longer then anticipated..... I blame lockdown!! :>)

  2. Hello,

    Just a superb paintjob !!! A pleasure to contemplate !!!


    1. Thanks again Nikko. another unit of Unarmoured on the Painting Table at present. Hopefully they won't take me as long to get sorted! :>)


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