Saturday 6 November 2021

Wargames Annual 2022 Released Featuring Some of my Work!

A proud moment for me and a bit of a shameless plug but if you buy a copy of the Wargames Annual 2022 available from Caliver Books HERE you will find a number of very high resolution pictures of my Anglo Danes and Early/Justinian Byzantines

After offering Charles Grant some photos of a vignette of Fred Burnaby at the Battle of Abu Klea  moments before his death for the Wargames Annual 2021 I was very pleased to be asked back again the next year and was able to send a large selection of images of my Anglo Danes and Early Byzantines for publication in the Wargames Annual 2022.

As I say, a shameless plug! The wargames annual is a great publication; last years Second Battle of El Teb scenario for Kevin Kalder's Up the Nile rules was the highlight for me and I have been mustering my Mahdist and British armies in readiness to eventually play that very scenario.

I've added the unused files which Charles chose not to use. ***Warning*** these are the full sized files and are ***very*** large! All the images are "clickable" to please feel free to dig in.


  1. Always look forward to Charles' Annual - even to the extent of leaving it to read until I am on 'holiday'. A bonus if we get to see more of your wonderful figures.


    1. Thanks RTC.

      I hadn't really look ed very much at the Wargames Annual until Dave and Charles asked me to make a contribution last year. I don't know why, I was aware of the Annual but it just wasn't on my radar at shows etc. Probably too busy working out which mini's I needed for which project.

      You'll be reading it just in time for The Ashes this year then?

  2. Congratulations! Your minis are always a huge inspiration and sky-high master level of painting for me.


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