Saturday, 28 May 2022

Just Add Water Miniature Painting and Wargaming Blog- 500000 Views! Many, Many Thanks, Part 1!

First of all, many, many thanks to everyone who has visited my blog over the years. Having started Just Add Water in the early 2000's, deleted the blog, started again in 2012, I never dreamed that that my "content" (awful word really) would be of interest to so many of you out there. I am humbled.

To celebrate I thought I would do it post up a few pictures from projects along with some of the best games I have experienced at the many shows I have attended over the years. After all, wargaming is essentially visual and analogue (if I may be so bold as to borrow the word from Curt who must have earned a trademark on the word!).

Most (not all) of the images are reasonably large files and should be "clickable".

Gripping Beast, Age of Arthur WAB Campaign Day Display Game, Warhammer World (I don't Remember the year but I think 2007/8?):

David Imrie and Andrew Taylor, The Eagle Game, Claymore 2013

League of Augsburg/Warfare Miniatures, The Other Partizan 2013

Simon Chick/The Lance and Longbow Society, Battle of Cravant 1424

Leicester Fat Cats, "Booster Ridge" The Last Defence in the Valley of Tears
October 16th, Yom Kippor War, The Other Partizan 2014

James Morris and the Newark Irregulars, Battle of Keren 1941

Grimsby Gamers, Indian Mutiny, Durham Wargames Show/Open Day, 2014

Francesco Gonzaga's Doomed Charge Across the River Taro at Fornovo 1495

Anglo Mahdist War, the Sudan, Perry Miniatures Ansar

Battle of Verneuil 1424 , Bedford's Battle

Battle of Verneuil 1424, Talbot's Battle

Battle of Verneuil 1424, Men at Arms Base III

League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers, Assault Across the Suez Canal, 1915

WorLard Day 2015, Through the Mud and the Blood/CoC

Simon Miller, To the Strongest,
Battle of Watling Street, Boudica's Last Stand


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    1. Cheers Ray. 500000 views feels quite surreal LOL

  2. A great page. Your recent project has helped inspire me to do Vikings and Saxons for the first time. Keep going!

    1. Thank you Jack. There's plenty more to come re Anglo Danes and well, all sorts! LOL


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