Tuesday, 24 May 2022

List of Perry Sudan Miniatures that can be used for the Second Anglo Afghan War?

First off, a picture of Drummer James Roddick of the 92nd Highlanders defending Lieutenant Menzies at Kandahar, 1880, National Army Museum

I popped the question on the Lead Adventure Forum; which codes from the Perry Miniatures Sudan range can be used for the Second Anglo Afghan War?

It didn't take long before Mad Guru of the famously brilliant Maiwand Day Blog popped in and gave me the lowdown.

As this information is no longer available on the new Perry Miniatures site I thought I would print his reply below:

"I believe that would be the various packs of Infantry, Indian service dress (SB21-SB25);

The 10th Hussars command (SB33) and swords drawn (SB34);

The Sikh Infantry packs (SB68-SB70);

And the various Bengal Cavalry command & with lances packs (SB74-SB76).

NOTE: I did not include the 3 x "Bengal/Bombay infantry" packs (SB71-SB73), because these all wear smooth khaki covers over their turbans which post-date the Second Afghan War, and as there now are some perfectly accurate Second Afghan War Perry Indian Infantry figures in their "Victoria's Little Wars" range, there's no need to do turban conversions on the Sudan range Bombay/Bengal infantry figures to make them fit the Afghan War, the way I did more than a decade ago.

You could also use the Royal Artillery 7 pounder Screw-gun and crew (SB45) -- though if you're picky you may want to remove the desert goggles from the officer's foreign service helmet, and possibly remove the puggarees from all the crew's helmets, as in Afghanistan they would probably have been wearing khaki cloth helmet-covers.  But if you leave all their helmets as-is and just paint them in khaki uniforms with blue puttees, I will in no way hold it against you!"


  1. Thanks for sharing. It is a question that needed to be asked.

    1. I was taken aback when I noticed the info missing on the new Perry site.


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