Thursday, 26 November 2020

Frankish Command Base 1

I've been working on some bits and bobs of late. A few command bases for my Anglo Danish and Frankish army. The Little Big Man Transfers (from the mighty Steve- a very good chap) are still in my "quarantine" pile but I had some old transfers left over from years ago that would suite the now Catholic Franks (there's a hint of things to come in there somewhere ;>) ). 

The miniatures are both from Gripping Beast's Early Saxon ranges with an added Angon resting on the "Big Boss's" shoulder, again from Gripping Beast. Obviously these miniatures are not Franks as such but are eminently usable as such as they come from the same time era and more of less the same geographical location. 

If there was one alteration I would make it would be to cut the limbs down on the crossbar of the standard but as it is all painted, glossed and now varnished, that is simply not going to happen lol

From More or Less Side On:

Slightly Raised View:

The Command With the Unit:
Although the command stands will mostly be either resting at the back on the unit or hovering nearby, to my eyes it just does not seem right and is preferable to have a picture of a command base with the commander standing proudly by or to the front of the unit as opposed to cowering at the back. 


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