Thursday, 12 November 2020

Gripping Beast Display Game- WAB Age of Arthur Campaign Weekend Warhammer World 2007(?)

One of the things I loved about this display was the sheer array of Gripping Beast models scattered about (the odd Foundry mini too but "shhhhh!". Some from many years ago and long out of production, some of middle age and some newly released to go with the release of the Age of Arthur Warhammer Ancient Battles book penned by James Morris.

Having trawled through all my old laptops I was not able to find any pictures of the games I played over the two days but I expect that I was very busy getting slaughtered! If memory serves I did not come close to winning a single game but I do remember all the faces of my opponents and the many laughs we shared.

Now, onto the truly awesome pictures. All the images are 'clickable' and the files a huge so please, feast your eyes.


  1. Cracking pictures, gives me a yen to have a game of WAB. Thanks for posting them.

    1. Oh for having rebased my entire collections lol

      I really miss those old days. There was a real sense of international community.


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